Business and Accounting

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Bachelor of Accounting

The Bachelor of Accounting will give you a sound knowledge base in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, business law and finance.

You'll learn the skills needed in a rapidly changing business environment with an emphasis on communication, presentation and problem-solving skills. Flexible study options allow you to achieve your Bachelor of Accounting degree your way.

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Master of Business Administration

Get professional practice in your industry with the Master of Business Administration. You will get the qualifications to move into senior and middle management roles in a range of areas including business, industry and public sector. You can study our degree online or on campus (Darwin or Sydney) in one-and-a-half years of full-time study or choose to study part time.

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Bachelor of Commerce

Today, business is global. For a successful business career, you need a firm understanding of marketing, economics, business administration and management in the context of e-commerce and a constantly evolving business environment.

You’ll learn about these areas and more with a CDU Bachelor of Commerce degree.

And because CDU is located in Australia’s north, you'll have the opportunity to focus on the economies of our near neighbours in South East Asia, and on cross-cultural business practice.

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Creative Arts and Humanities

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Bachelor of Design

With a Bachelor of Design you'll develop theoretical and practical skills in designing the built environment – buildings and their surrounds, as well as computer-aided design (CAD) and the preparation of design and working drawings.

Design ability is increasingly valued for its capacity to make real changes to our cities, workplaces and homes. Design involves solving complex problems by applying creative solutions and is at the forefront of skills required to meet the future environmental challenges affecting human habitation.

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Diploma of Languages

Learn how to communicate and engage in Indonesian, Chinese or Greek with a Diploma of Languages. You'll also develop an understanding of the society and culture of the country’s language.

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Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

This four-year degree will equip you with the knowledge and skills to teach and work with children from birth through to age 12. If you aspire to make a positive difference in a child’s formative education years and you have a passion to work with children, this course is ideal for you.

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Bachelor of Education (Primary Teaching)

This course will prepare you to work as a teacher in primary schools (Transition to Year 7).

Through theoretical study and practical work you will learn about all areas of the Australian primary school curriculum including English, mathematics, science, arts, geography, history, and health and physical education.

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Bachelor of Education (Graduate Entry)

If you already hold an undergraduate degree, you can become a teacher in as little as two years with a Bachelor of Education (Graduate Entry) degree - and even sooner if you start in Summer Semester.

This course also enables three-year trained teachers to upgrade to become a four-year trained teacher, and is perfect for teachers who wish to change their teaching focus (for example, a primary teacher wanting to move into early childhood education, or a secondary teacher wanting to move into primary education).

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Diploma of Engineering

The Diploma of Engineering provides basic technical skills which will enable you to work in entry-level roles in engineering-related areas or to go on to further studies in engineering.

This course gives you an overview of the engineering streams offered – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, and Chemical Engineering.

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Associate Degree of Engineering

This two-year (full-time) course covers all engineering subjects listed below. In year two, you will acquire skills in your specialised area.

  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
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Bachelor of Engineering - Honours

You'll study broad foundation subjects in engineering in your first year, and then build your knowledge and skills in your specialised area in years two and three. In your final year, you will design a project, study higher-level units and submit a research thesis.

There are four areas of specialisation to choose from:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Electrical and electronics engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
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Health and Psychology

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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

With a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, you'll be qualified to work as an allied health professional to help improve overall health and fitness in your community.

In this course, you'll investigate how exercise can be used to improve health and fitness, enhance physical performance, and prevent and rehabilitate injury in both healthy and physically challenged people. It is used widely in professional sports, with the aged and the injured.

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Bachelor of Psychological Science

Our Bachelor of Psychological course is an accredited undergraduate training in psychology and prepares you for the CDU Honours program, which will enable you to register with your relevant state or territory board as a conditional or probationary psychologist. You'll gain a foundation for postgraduate professional coursework, or supervised training in psychology.

As a nationally accredited stand-alone degree you have the choice of exiting with a Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs or a generic Psychology Diploma by completing all pre-requisite units within the Bachelor degree.


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Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies

If you’re passionate about helping others, consider a career in human services. The Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies course will give you an opportunity to learn, critically analyse and apply concepts of human service delivery in the field of humanitarian aid, social and especially community engagement.

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Graduate Certificate of Play Therapy

Gain basic complimentary skills using play as a therapeutic method of treatment for multiple child mental health conditions in a counselling setting. The Graduate Certificate of Play Therapy qualification is perfect if you're  already working with families and children or in mental health.

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Bachelor of Social Work

With the Bachelor Social Work course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills required to work with individuals, families, groups and communities.

Grow your practical skills to work effectively and safely with communities in situations where resources are limited due to geographic location (remoteness), social circumstances, emergency situations or regional disaster.

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Information Technology

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Bachelor of Information Technology

This degree will provide you with a comprehensive education in IT; starting with an understanding of the underlying principles and applications of information technology.

Throughout the course there's an emphasis on people skills and management processes. You’ll be challenged to solve problems, make decisions, strengthen your communication skills and work as part of a team.

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Associate Degree of Information and Communication Technology

Get comprehensive education in ICT; you’ll become a problem solver, decision maker, effective communicator and team player - a skill set vital in so many career paths. The course was developed in consultation with industry representatives and aligned with industry requirements.

Throughout the Associate Degree of Information & Communication Technology course there's an emphasis on people skills and management processes.

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Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours

The course provides you with an understanding of the underlying principles and application of the development of large and complex software applications. You'll acquire the professional knowledge and skills to work in this rapidly developing field.

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Associate Degree of Network Engineering

Developed in consultation with employers and professional engineers, this course will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to design, commission and maintain computer networks.

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Diploma of Network Engineering

If you're looking for an entry-level course that will prepare you to become a network specialist, this course is for you. You will gain the skills and knowledge to design, commission and maintain networks that play a crucial role in the infrastructure of industry and government organisations.

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Law and Legal Studies

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Bachelor of Laws

In this degree you will acquire the solid theoretical and practical legal education required to practice of law. You will focus upon transnational issues and gain an appreciation of legal issues pertinent to the Northern Territory, including Aboriginal legal issues and Southeast Asian law.

You can study our Bachelor of Laws online or on campus in four years of full-time study or choose to study part time.


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Associate Degree of Legal Studies

The Associate Degree of Legal Studies will give you a broad understanding of the legal system and legal processes, and introduce you to practical areas of the law such as torts, contracts, criminal law and transnational law.

You can explore areas that interest you through elective subjects, such as:

  • family law
  • resources and energy law
  • intellectual property law
  • Indigenous customary law
  • property law
  • human rights
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Diploma of Laws

The Diploma of Laws offers you a general understanding of the law and legal principles, as well as the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge you may need for work or other reasons. Explore areas that interest you through elective subjects, such as:
  • family law
  • resources and energy law
  • criminology
  • Indigenous customary law
  • property law
  • human rights
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Diploma of Science

The single-year Diploma of Science course is perfect for you if you're interested in studying science but are not sure about committing to a three-year Bachelor degree.

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Bachelor of Environmental Science

Environmental Science is the study of the natural world and the impact of human activity on it. As a CDU environmental science student, you'll explore the diverse environments of the Northern Territory. You will also focus on environmental science and management in tropical and desert environments in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.

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Bachelor of Science

With our Bachelor of Science you'll gain professional experience as a biologist, ecologist, spatial scientist, biomedical scientist, nutritionist, chemist or in other science fields.

Field and laboratory experiences will enable you to experience and study the distinctive environments and communities of northern Australia, and their associated challenges in environmental management and public health, including Indigenous health.

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