Environmental Science

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Bachelor of Environmental Science

As a Bachelor of Environmental Science student, you'll explore the diverse environments of the Northern Territory and focus on environmental science and management in tropical and desert environments in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.

Learn about the wider significance of human impact on the environment, including climate change and variability, wildlife biology and conservation, natural and cultural resource management, marine and coastal management, invasive species, biodiversity and Indigenous perspectives on the relationship between people and landscapes.

You can study our Bachelor of Environmental Science degree online or on campus in three years of full-time study or choose to study part time.

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Master of Environmental Management

Ready to be part of a positive environmental change?

Study environmental science at the next level with CDU's Master of Environmental Management. You'll explore the principles and practices of environmental management, particularly in the context of wet-dry and semi-arid tropical ecosystems.

Studying this postgraduate course, you'll gain comprehensive skills and understanding of concepts and applications highly relevant to working in other ecosystems. The course also includes a focus on the social context within which environmental management takes place.

You can study our Master of Environmental Management degree online or on campus in two years of full-time study or choose to study part time.

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Diploma of Science

If you're interested in studying science but are not sure about committing to a three year Bachelor’s degree, why not study a CDU’s Diploma of Science?

You'll study common units, specialist elective units and elective units in your choice of general science, geographic information science, environmental science and medical science and could then move into the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Environmental Science or Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science.

You can study our Diploma of Science degree online or on campus in just one year of full-time study or choose to study part time.

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Bachelor of Science

Ready for a career in science? The Bachelor of Science will equip you with professional experience as a biologist, ecologist, spatial scientist, biomedical scientist, nutritionist, chemist or in other science fields.

You'll gain field and laboratory experience and discover the distinctive environments and communities of northern Australia and the region, and their associated challenges in environmental management and public health, including Indigenous health.

You can study our Bachelor of Science degree online or on campus in three years of full-time study or choose to study part time.

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Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Take your science knowledge and experience to the next level with this Honours course. You'll be able to study a particular area in-depth and gain experience in project management in areas such as:

  • Information Technology (networking, mobile and software development and information systems)
  • Environmental Science (environmental science, biology, ecology and spatial science)
  • Health (health science, midwifery and nursing)
  • Clinical Science (medical science, clinical science, sports and exercise science and pharmacy)

You can study our Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree online or on campus in one year of full-time study or choose to study part time.

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Why CDU?

Gain Practical Skills

Bachelor of Environmental Science

We see things differently at CDU, and we like that. We know our students choose to study with us because we share the same vision - to make a positive change. We help our students achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their lives and those around them. Help shape a better future with our Bachelor of Environmental Science. Through our unique hands-on field intensives you can experience a diverse range of environments and apply your theoretical learnings in a practical and engagingenvironment. You may also be able to contribute to real life research projects!


Good to know

Early offers
April - June 2017
On-time applications close
30 June 2017
Further offers
July 2017
Final date to apply
14 July 2017
Classes start
17 July 2017
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